What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that we place on your computer to improve your user experience. Cookies themselves do not contain any data. You always have the option to accept or reject cookies. Their storage is under the full control of the browser used by the user. Cookies are small files that are sent to and stored on your computer by the websites you visit. They usually contain: the name of the server from which the cookie was sent; the lifetime of the cookie; a value (a unique number). Cookies are stored in the file directory of your web browser. The next time you visit the website, the browser reads the cookie and passes the information to the website or other element that set the cookie.

Why are cookies necessary?

They are essential for providing user-friendly online services. Cookies make the interaction between the web user and the website faster and easier. They help the website to remember the individual’s preferences and experience, saving time and making the browsing experience more efficient and user-friendly.

Some concrete examples of how cookies can be used:

  • To improve the user experience of the website, we adjust the display of content to visitors based on past visits.
  • To store choices when creating device shortlists and offers and comparing them.
  • Keep you logged in on the parts of the website where a login is required.
  • To recognise your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone), which allows us to tailor the display of content to your device.
  • To monitor visits, which allows us to check the effectiveness of the display of content and the relevance of advertisements and to continuously improve the website.
  • They are necessary for the operation of certain services (e.g. online stores and other forms of e-commerce, etc.)

Why does our website use cookies?

Cookies are an important means of keeping content fresh and relevant to the interests and preferences of the individual web user. The reasons for using cookies are based on their characteristics (one of them is to store information about the state of a particular website), cookies help in the provision of various online services (online stores), they help in the collection of various statistics, since only with them can the frequency of visits to a particular website be monitored. Cookies allow the website operator to assess the effectiveness of the design of its website, as well as the relevance of the type and number of advertisements offered to third-party users on its website.

Disabling cookies

You decide whether or not to allow cookies to be stored on your computer. You can control and change your cookie settings using your chosen web browser settings. For information about your cookie settings, please select the web browser you are using.

Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 7 ali 8

Types of cookies we use on this website

The following cookies are used to ensure that all the functions of this website work:

  • Cookies for analytical purposes
  • A cookie for tracking the itinerary of non-registered users.

Certain content is personalised for a specific user, and analysis of website traffic allows for continuous improvement of the website.

The exact description of each cookie and the time of its placement can be seen in the tables below:

Group 1: Essential cookies

Cookies are text files that recognise your computer on a server. Cookies do not identify the individual user per se, but the computer used to access the website. Essential cookies make a website useful by enabling basic functions such as navigating the site and accessing secure areas of the website. Without these cookies, the website will not function properly.

Group 2: Optional/analytical cookies

Statistics cookies help website owners understand how visitors use the website by collecting and reporting information anonymously.

Group 3: Marketing cookies

These are used to track users through the website. The purpose is to serve advertisements that are relevant and interesting to the individual user.

Table of cookies used

Essential cookies

Name Validity Reason
laravel_sessionSession timeSession cookie for website operation
XSRF-TOKENSession timeSecurity cookie for Cross-site protection
wordpress_*Session timeCookie for the logged-in user.
wordpress_logged_in_*Session timeCookie for the logged-in user.
woocommerce_cart_hashSession timeCookie stores an encoded string representing the contents of a shopping cart.
woocommerce_items_in_cartSession timeCookie records if items are present in the shopping cart.
wp_woocommerce_session_*2 daysCookie stores a unique identifier for the shopper and is used to search for the cart in the database.

Cookies for marketing

These are used to track users through the website. The purpose is to serve ads that are relevant and interesting to the individual user.

Name Validity Reason (description)
CONSENT20 yearsIt is designed to alert users to the use of cookies on the website.
NID6 monthsIt remembers your recent searches, your previous interactions with the advertiser’s ads or search results, and your visits to the advertiser’s website.
IDE1 yearIt is designed to measure interactions with ads on the domain in question and prevent you from being shown the same ads too many times.
DSID10 daysIt is used to link your activity across multiple devices if you’ve previously signed in to a Google Account on another device. This matches the ads you see on different devices and measures conversion events.
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