Height-adjustable desks

Height adjustable office desks are becoming increasingly popular in the office and rightly so!


Height-adjustable tables allow you to quickly change your working posture, from sitting to standing and back again. Investing in height-adjustable desks is worthwhile as it can avoid employee complaints of pain caused by sitting for several hours, and increase employee concentration and motivation.

By nature, the human body works best when it is moving. Unfortunately, especially in everyday office life, sitting is the predominant posture, which too often leads to stiffness or wear and tear of joints. Standing is not the only solution either. At least occasional changes in posture and position are recommended, which at the same time have a strong influence on a clear mind. Some experts recommend sitting for 60% of the working day, standing for 30%, and being active for the remaining 10% of the working day; others suggest 50:25:25. Whichever option is chosen, it is clear that a healthy combination of sitting, standing and active movement should be encouraged.


The height-adjustable desk is characterised by its flexibility to adjust height according to the size of the person or the nature of the work, allowing work to be carried out in a sitting or standing position.

There are different height-adjustable desks available, with manual height adjustment of the legs or electric adjustment, where you can adjust the height range by touching the control panel. With a wide range of height adjustment, a range of different ergonomic needs are met for people of different heights, including those who are significantly shorter or taller than average, or those who use wheelchairs.

The adjustment is both very simple and recommended for any modern office that places an emphasis on an ergonomically designed workplace. This type of desk certainly offers less deformation of the spine, neck and shoulders due to prolonged sitting in an incorrect position.


The ergonomic height-adjustable desk is recommended in combination with other ergonomic products from our range, such as the ergonomic office bike, ergonomic standing mat or ergonomic monitor holder.


The simple desk designs are suitable for any office and offer enough space for good document organisation and a pleasant working environment.


You can multitask on a height-adjustable desk as you might expect. It definitely takes some getting used to from the start, to the change between sitting and standing while working, but you will soon find the FEEL GOOD and POSITIVE EFFECTS!


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