Metal cabinet for firefighters

Metal cabinets for the practical storage of firefighter clothing should grace every firefighter’s home.


We know how important it is for every firefighter to find the right place to put their clothes when they are called out.


gasilska omara pisarna


The cabinet allows good ventilation and has enough hangers and storage shelves to accommodate firefighting equipment.


Choose from one, two or three wardrobe spaces together to find the optimum solution for the room’s equipment.


Metal cabinet for firefighters


The metal cabinet comes with a door with a cylindrical lock, which can be used to ensure the safe storage of personal items.
Firefighters’ cabinets have a robust construction, with a stable welded base.
With normal use, the cabinets are sure to serve you for many years. The powder-coated textured surface makes them easy to maintain and clean.

Firefighter’s cabinet for practical storage of firefighter’s clothing


gasilska omara za pisarne


We are delighted that several Slovenian fire brigade homes have entrusted us with their equipment.
Among them is the Ravne na Koroškem Fire House, from which the photos were taken.

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