Metal cabinet with wing doors

In many companies, chemicals play an important role in day-to-day operations. Whether it is liquids used in the production process or just cleaning agents, it is important to pay special attention to proper storage and handling. By doing so, you reduce the risk of chemical exposure to employees or the environment.
For many hazardous chemicals, it is advisable to keep them safely out of reach of people, in appropriate cabinets, and to have specially trained personnel to handle them if necessary.
Before deciding whether to purchase a metal cabinet for chemicals, make sure that the use of chemicals also requires you to comply with the relevant legal regulations when selecting the cabinet itself.
Some typical questions about chemicals that need to be answered before buying a cabinet:

  • Is the chemical flammable?
  • Is the chemical corrosive?
  • Does the chemical need to be stored at other than room temperature?
  • Does the chemical require special handling procedures?

Some basic factors that may also be important:

  • Temperature control
  • Control of ignition
  • Ventilation


kovinska omara s krilnimi vrati za kemikalije


Metal cabinet with wing doors for chemicals

When selecting a cabinet used for the separation of chemicals, the compatibility of the chemical with the material used to construct the cabinet must also be taken into account. For the storage of corrosive substances, a metal cabinet is definitely not a good choice, and it is also necessary to check whether the cabinet offers adequate protection for flammable substances, which would reduce the damage or risk to your facilities and employees in the event of a spill or accident.


Are you setting up a chemical storage facility and looking for a metal cabinet?

In addition to adequate ventilation, a metal cabinet with wing doors for chemicals also has galvanised tub-shaped shelves, which is very important when storing hazardous substances that pose a risk to the environment. The cabinets are suitable for the storage of small containers, with a total capacity of 100l per cabinet. The metal cabinet with wing doors allows you to properly separate and securely store chemicals to protect access to unauthorised personnel, but is not suitable for the storage of flammable substances.


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