Metal furniture for offices

Choose metal furniture to match your office decor!

For larger projects, metal furniture can be painted in a wide range of colour combinations, allowing you to choose colours that match the look of your office space.


Metal furniture has recently become an interesting topic in facility planning and design. When the possibility of producing bespoke furniture was introduced, it developed a new wave of popularity for a number of reasons, including durability and ease of cleaning.


Metal furniture for offices


Although wooden furniture will always remain a popular option, here are some reasons to consider metal furniture for your office: 

– Believe it or not, it has great style! Metal furniture manufacturers have worked hard to create furniture that combines both form and function.

– Cleanliness and pest control. Metal furniture makes it easier to clean and, thanks to its less absorbent surface, better able to withstand pest control chemicals.

– While most metal furniture is designed to blend in with wooden furniture, metal can also be a great base for designing a room. It is easy to achieve standard primary colour options or customised colours to match on metal furniture, as metal does not alter wood. Painted metal surfaces are consistently easy to standardise for any colour scheme.

– Exceptional durability. Metal furniture withstands extreme use, so it is also suitable for larger living spaces where several people are in one place.

– While high-quality metal furniture may have a higher price tag than the equivalent wood product, you can expect metal furniture to last 10-15 years or longer. Metal furniture may require a larger upfront investment, but the replacement cycle is less frequent. Metal furniture has recently been appearing in many places where wood furniture has traditionally been used.

– Metal and powder coatings that do not need to be treated with glue or other chemicals are healthier, meaning they do not emit harmful substances into the office space.


Metal has many advantages as a furniture material. Metal furniture is attractive, safe, and environmentally friendly. 

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