Metal wardrobe

A metal wardrobe is an almost indispensable piece of furniture in a company’s changing room. Employees need to be able to store their clothes and personal items safely.




The right choice of wardrobe usually depends on several factors::

-the activity of the company (amount of workwear)

-the size of the wardrobe space (there are different widths of wardrobes to choose from)

-number of employees,

-whether HACCP requirements have to be met (hygienic separation of civilian and workwear)


Metal wardrobes are available in different dimensions and interior designs, so you are sure to find the optimal solution for your company’s changing room.


Our wardrobes are characterised by their high functionality and ease of maintenance, which gives them an advantage over wooden wardrobes. They are characterised by their robust construction with a stable welded base.


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Metal wardrobe


kovinska garderobna omara

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