Acoustic Cabin

The acoustic cabin is suitable for an open office with several employees in one room. There are three different sizes for 1-4 people available.

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Special features of the Acoustic Cabin:

  • Painted steel sheet panels
  • Sound absorption Materials
  • in accordance with ISO 23351-1 / measured level of noise reduction
  • 8mm thick door glass
  • Mounted on wheels for easy movement around the room
  • Additional 2 sockets, 1 UTP cat6 cable, phone socket and 2 USB ports
  • Built-in ventilation for air flow of 74 m3/h
  • Lighting included
  • Multiple colors available

Acoustic cabins can be installed in shared office spaces. They offer a suitable area of privacy for telephone conversations, video conferences or meetings in a calm and friendly environment.

The extra-large acoustic cabin module is easily adapted to a multi-person table with all the necessary furniture and multimedia technology.

Modern design, with a wide range of colors, easily integrates into the open type of office space.

The included wheels offer easier mobility around the room, which gives the cabin an even greater possibility of different purposes of use.

Although the lighting and ventilation system are included in the product, the cabin can be equipped with a wide range of accessories.

ACOUSTIC CABIN is available in three dimensions:


  • w1000 x d1000 x h2340 mm / 1 person

  • w2200 x d1000 x h2340 mm / 2 persons

  • w2200 x d2000 x h2340 mm / 4 persons


  • w836 x d852 x h2100 mm / 1 person

  • w2036 x d852 x h2100 mm / 2 persons

  • w2036 x d1824 x h2100 mm / 4 persons

Acoustic cabins are an excellent solution in business facilities and open offices with several employees in one room, as they offer a solution for quiet meetings without disturbing other employees.

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We offer individual advice with many years of experience and timely and efficient solutions.

For larger projects, it is also possible to order from a non-standard programme.

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Contact us and we will be happy to advise you and find the best solution for you together with you!

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you and work with you to find the best solution for you!
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